It's all about minimum outlay for maximum profit.

Our expertise and industry contacts mean that you can invest in thoroughly researched land at the path of development. This opens up the opportunity for substantial growth potential.

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The Land Development Process

From farmland to profit: The 7 steps of land development
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    Often the land starts out as farming/agricultural land. At this point there is no significant increase of value foreseen.
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    Opportunity recognised by developers who buy undeveloped land at auction.
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    Savill Knight client buys a parcel of this land from the developer at today’s land value with a small deposit and no ongoing fees.
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    Infrastructure is built and development approvals for subdivision progress.
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    The land is subdivided and each parcel is now ripe for development.
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    Client completes purchase of the land parcel at the originally agreed price.
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    Client sells the land for its new market value or builds a house on it and rents out the property.

Undeveloped Land

Often the land starts out as farming/agricultural land. At this point there is no significant increase of value foreseen.

7 steps of the land development process: from farmland to profit

Buy at today's prices for tomorrow's profit

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Buy at today's prices for tomorrow's profit

Land Options

What is this industry all about?
Mark Twain knows all about investing in land

"Buy land... they're not making it anymore."

Mark Twain

Investing in land options refers to the process of buying pre-developed parcels of land, based on growth projections. Then holding that parcel of land for approximately 7-10 years and either:

  1. sell it for a significant profit; or
  2. build your dream home; or
  3. build, sit back and collect the rent.

Many wealthy companies and investors have been reaping the rewards of investing in land, however the strategy is still quite foreign to the majority of middle-income investors.

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Buy at today's prices for tomorrow's profit

Did you know that according to statistics only 5% of all Australians retire comfortably at age 65?

The How and Why of Land Options

A keen couple finding out about Savill Knight's land option packages

How do I know what land to buy and where?

Sit back and relax whilst Savill Knight & Co do the job for you by carefully analysing growth indicators that predict a potential increase in value.

Why is land option a good investment strategy for me?

  1. Small deposit utilising your personal savings or your Self-Managed Superannuation funds
  2. No loans
  3. No ongoing fees or costs
  4. Suitable for all investors
Land option investments are popping up all over the country

Land option opportunities have been key to financial security for:

  • huge corporations
  • investors recovering from a stock market loss
  • multi-millionaires
  • working university students
  • builders and developers
  • families looking ahead to a university education for their children
  • individuals with an inheritance
  • retirees on a fixed income

It can be right for you too!

How would you like to pay for his university education?

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How are you going to pay for his university education?

Who are we?

Go behind-the-scenes at Savill Knight and meet the team that make everything happen

About Savill Knight

Savill Knight was established to bridge the gap between the financial planning industry, the real estate industry, and savvy investors. After witnessing many families struggling with the volatility of the share market, the founders of Savill Knight started researching a new product to diversify their client’s portfolios. This led them to the discovery of land option investments as solid opportunities that could offer proven returns and stability for their clients.

With a combined 40 years knowledge, Savill Knight was founded on the principle that all clients have unique circumstances and therefore require a unique investment strategy.

Savill Knight was formed as a structured partnership between Zero to Infinity Solutions and Blue Water Financial. Visit the links below to read about what the clients of our respective companies have to say.

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What makes us different?

Here at Savill Knight we pride ourselves for being a one-stop-shop assisting you in every step of the way, from offering advice on the best strategies to when is the right time to release your land aiming for the greatest returns on investment. We understand the importance of face-to-face contact when it comes to handling your financial goals for the future.

Residential real estate underpins Australia's wealth

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